The various attachments to your Petition are generally called Schedules and Forms.  The first Schedule we run across is Schedule A – Real Property.  On this schedule, as you might guess, you have to list every bit of real property you have any interest in at all.  Many people say “well what’s Real Property?”  As strange as it may sound, Real property is basically land. So, you have to tell the court about any land that has your name on it. If you aren’t sure if your name is on land, tell your attorney about it and your attorney can help you determine if you have any interest that needs to be reported.
In addition to listing the land, you also have to tell the court what type of interest you have, whether anyone else has an interest, the current value of your interest in the property, and the amount of any secured claim on the property.
Up next in our discussion: Schedule B!
Here’s what Schedule A looks like if you are curious:

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