The next Schedule we come across is Schedule B – Personal Property.  Just like you had to tell the court about all of the land you had an interest in on Schedule A, on Schedule B you have to tell the court about all of the personal property in which you have an interest.

Personal property is all the other stuff you have that isn’t land and wasn’t listed on Schedule A.  Schedule B will list, among other things, your cash, your bank and other financial accounts, the value of the stuff in your house (we call those household goods), your clothing, firearms, hobby and hunting equipment, insurance policies, retirement accounts, vehicles, boats, any other motorized item, office equipment, supplies and inventory, animals, farming equipment, supplies, and crops, and anything else you have.

In addition to this list, you have to provide a description of the property and tell the court where that property is located. You have to tell what your interest is in the item, and if anyone else has an interest. Additionally you have to tell the court the current value of your interest in all of that stuff.

It sounds long, tedious, and daunting I know. Luckily, you know a lawyer who can help you get through this list as efficiently and painlessly as possible!

Up next in our discussion: Schedule C!

Here’s what Schedule B looks like:


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