Gun Trusts

Gun Trusts are revocable trusts specifically for the ownership of guns and related items. While typically used for Title II firearms and items (also called NFA firearms or items), Title I firearms can also be included in your gun trust to assist with estate planning and avoiding probating your firearms at death.


Generally gun trusts for Title II firearms are for the protection of the person in possession of the firearm or item. With a gun trust, you can name multiple family members or friends as co- trustees so that they can legally be in possession of the Title II firearm or item and not accidentally commit a felony. This is particularly important for the protection of family members who may be considered to be in constructive possession of the item. You can also list your desired beneficiaries to receive your Title II firearms or items upon your death, and under the current law this will avoid another $200 transfer tax per item at your death.

Gun Trust Reminder

Remember that gun trusts are only for guns and related items. Gun trusts do not cover the rest of your personal property or your real estate. You will need a will and/or separate trust for further estate planning. Please let us know how we can help you complete your estate planning portfolio.