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SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY for those over 60 years of age


SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS – 2 Types of Disability Programs

The Process to Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits, Part II

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We want to see you receive and get the benefits to which you are entitled.  Scheduling an appointment to sit down in our office and discuss your case with an experienced lawyer costs you nothing. If you decide to hire our firm to represent you, there are no attorney fees unless we win your case.  Allow us to fight for your right for the benefits you deserve while you concentrate on regaining your health. You don’t have to face the social security system alone. We have the expertise through years of experience to fight for your social security benefits.




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If you have become disabled, or can no longer perform the work you have done in the past, it is time to file for disability benefits.

Facing a disabling condition can be challenging both physically and emotionally. Whether you are coping with a newly-diagnosed illness or struggling with a degenerative illness that has progressed and is causing additional limitations to your daily activities, can be painful for both you and your loved ones. You are not only faced with your health concerns, but the mounding medical bills, family responsibilities and other financial obligations with lack of income or resources can take a toll on you and could cause additional health issues.

What’s the difference between the social security disability and SSI disability programs?

Both programs require that you be disabled; but benefits are calculated differently for the two programs.  There are also differences in the way the two programs are operated.  SSI is a federal welfare program.  As such, there is a limit on the amount of “assets” you may have in order to receive any payment at all.  Also, the monthly amount of SSI benefits SSA will pay you depends on your income from all sources, including the amount of your social security disability benefits.  In your case, it appears that your social security disability benefits will be great enough to disqualify you from receiving on-going SSI benefits.  But you’ll get some SSI back benefits.

Social security disability, on the other hand, is similar to an insurance program. You are eligible for social security disability benefits because you are disabled and because you paid social security taxes.

All SSI benefits are processed at your local Social Security Office.  Social security disability benefits for most people are processed in Baltimore, Maryland.  Benefits of those people who are over age 55 are processed in regional payment centers.


What you can expect from us

  • You will meet with attorney Jerome Teel for your free initial consultation
  • We will complete all paperwork and promptly submitted it to the Disability Determination Section
  • We will file all appeals in a timely manner using key words to get your case noticed
  • We will obtain your medical evidence and thoroughly evaluate your case
  • You will be personally prepared you for your hearing by attorney Jerome Teel

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